Friday, June 5, 2009

Family Pictures

Here are a few pictures taken with Mimi, Paw-paw, Grandma Clare and Grandpa Ray before we move to Missouri. We are going to miss you!

The last few days...

The last few days have been action packed and we have greatly enjoyed it because we are greatly missing Cliff!!!

(Keaton playing in her Great Aunt Denise's playroom!)

Eric, Scottie and Katie posing it up for the camera. Where's Kevin? He loves the camera!

Mimi hanging with Phoebe and Corbett!

Paw-paw and Phoebe

Lizzie trying out the new swing in Mimi's and Paw-paw's yard!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Peek-a-boo Phoebe

Every morning, Phoebe wakes up about an hour before her sisters. We love it because that is the only time it is just the two of us all day! We get to hang out uninterrupted! During that hour her helmet is off and she can explore! This is a picture of her cracking up laughing after she rolled under her bed. She has the best belly laugh!

Mimi, Paw paw and the Greenhouses

Even though we will soon be moving to Missouri, one of the best things about where we are currently living is that we have the privilege of living next to Mimi and Paw paw. Not only do we get to see Mimi and Paw paw everyday, but we also get to hang out in their greenhouses. There are so many fun things at the greenhouses. There is dirt, plants, bugs, a tractor, a cat, a four-wheeler, carts, a truck and much more! We will greatly miss it all!

Helmet Update

Isn't she cute!? I mean seriously...who can stand it!? I just love that face! Anyway, Phoebe has now been in her helmet for 3 weeks and she is doing great! She has adjusted beautifully to wearing the helmet all day and all night! We went for an adjustment today and her head is already starting to improve...amazing!

We love you Phoebers!

The birth of Jesus...

To begin, Lizzie is a wonderful mama to all of her babies. She lovingly wraps all of them in blankets and is constantly taking care of their every needs. Each of Lizzie's babies are named Jesus. Lizzie loves the story of Jesus and over Christmas my mom let her watch the Nativity. For some reason, she loved the scene of Mary giving birth. (I have no idea why...) Anyway, every once in a while she talks about the movie and Mary giving birth. Well, yesterday while we were all playing in the house, she was making a bed with her blanket and pillow on the treadmill when we called out to Chloe, "Joseph, Joseph, come quickly...the baby is coming...the baby is coming! Oh, Joseph...He is here...Jesus is here!"

Oh...she cracks me up! ( The above picture is of Elizabeth giving birth...oh the drama!)


Grandpa Cliff and Grandma Amy came to visit us for a few days in May. We had a wonderful visit!

(Phoebe and Grandma)