Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Father Daughter Dance

Cliff took all the girls to a Father Daughter dance. They were all so excited to get dressed up, have their nails painted and wear lip gloss. They were so thrilled to attend the special event with their daddy. They all said they had a great time and look forward to getting to go again next year!

Playdate with Meghan and Camille

What a great day! Meghan and Camille spent sometime with us one day last week when everyone was off of school and it was pure delight. The girls play great together and they always have so much fun. They are a great group of little young ladies.

Daddy and his Valentines

Cliff took all of his girls out for Valentine's day. We all dress up and then we went to Outback. We all felt so special. I know that Cliff loves all of us so much. He got each of the girl's a flower and I got a dozen beautiful Red Roses...He's a Keeper!


It's been a mild winter here in Cape and the girls have wanted it to snow all winter so they were more than thrilled when this little treat came falling one afternoon.

Super Models

Can't you see them working the runway one day? What style!

Family Portrait by Elizabeth

Liz was asked to draw a family portrait at school. When she brought it home, I was scanning everyone. It was interesting to me to see how Lizzie perceived everyone. She drew Cliff and I smiling, with Cliff's arm around me. Then I noticed she also drew herself happy and close to her sister Chloe. Then my eyes fell on her drawing of Phoebe. I noticed that Phoebe had a frown and was not connected to her sisters. I asked Lizzie about why she drew her sister that way and her response was interesting. She said she always mad and in a bad mood. WOW, what a reminder that our actions are being seen, good or bad. Our attitude, words, actions...our lives are a reflection of who we are. Now remember, Phoebe is 3 and they Lord is still shaping and molding her and he has great things in store for her life. But this picture made me ponder and desire that my life my be a reflection of Jesus. For I know little eyes are watching me.

Red Tailed Hawk

This bird was hanging out in our yard for about a week and I was a little concerned for Phoebe's safety because I felt like it was eyeing her for it's next meal. At one point this hawk flew really close to me and it's wingspan looked about 5ft. across. The picture doesn't due it justice for how enormous this bird was. Glad I haven't seen it in awhile...Whew!