Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family Portrait by Elizabeth

Liz was asked to draw a family portrait at school. When she brought it home, I was scanning everyone. It was interesting to me to see how Lizzie perceived everyone. She drew Cliff and I smiling, with Cliff's arm around me. Then I noticed she also drew herself happy and close to her sister Chloe. Then my eyes fell on her drawing of Phoebe. I noticed that Phoebe had a frown and was not connected to her sisters. I asked Lizzie about why she drew her sister that way and her response was interesting. She said she always mad and in a bad mood. WOW, what a reminder that our actions are being seen, good or bad. Our attitude, words, actions...our lives are a reflection of who we are. Now remember, Phoebe is 3 and they Lord is still shaping and molding her and he has great things in store for her life. But this picture made me ponder and desire that my life my be a reflection of Jesus. For I know little eyes are watching me.

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