Monday, February 15, 2010

All by herself...again!

Oh my...I love her so much...I can't stand it!!!

Valentine's Day!

We had a great Valentine's day! Early in the week, Mimi and Paw paw sent the girls a package with cute dresses and lots of extras! Yeah!!! for Mimi and Paw paw!!! Then on Valentines day, Marilee (Our wonderful friend and neighbor) gave each of the girls gift baskets filled with candy, coloring books, crayons, name it!!! She loves to spoil my crew!!! Cliff and I gave them each a book and a small amount of candy. Their day could have ended at this point and they would have thought it was a fantastic day! But, to top it off, Cliff took all of his girls on a date...he loves his girls!!! And we all love him!!!


We have a great Library here in Cape! Not only can we get some great books to read, but we can have a great time at all the different activity stations.


Sometimes I love this dog...and sometimes I don't. It's a good thing she is so cute!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Phoebe, Where are you?

Today I was helping Lizzie and Chloe with some art projects and I realized that I didn't hear Phoebe. So I called, "Phoebe, Where are you?" Nothing...I walked all around the house and started to feel a little concerned. I knew she didn't know how to climb the steps and I couldn't find her so I asked the girls to help me. So Lizzie calls "Phoebe, Where are you?" And we all hear a little Phoebe laugh and Lizzie yells "I found her!" I come running into the playroom and see this...Phoebe is in the play kitchen and smiling from ear to ear. We all starting laughing! I quickly got my phone and took a picture....silly little girl!

Tired Little Girl!

On Sunday, we went to Sam's after church to get a few things and Phoebe fell asleep and slept the entire time we were there!


Chloe doesn't enjoy when we go through the carwash...can you tell?