Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anticipated Arrival

Last Friday, Reid and Gavin joined us for the day while their mom and dad were in the hospital waiting for the much anticipated arrival of baby sister Emmy Kate. Their family is new in town and Lizzie and Reid go to preschool together and we all go to church together too. What great boys! They were an absolute joy! Everyone got along great and we had so much fun! We played outside, had water fights, had relay races, ate pizza, made cookies, ate popcorn and watched Cars at the end of it all! When Cliff came home from work, he said that he thought that it really didn't seem all that chaotic and we laughed and said..."Geez, are we supposed to have more kids?" Either I am really used to life being chaotic or I'm just crazy!

Lizzie, Meghan and Camille

Lizzie loves these two sweet girls! Meghan hangs with us on Wednesdays after school and last week we had Camille join us too! Let me just say, there was a lot of laughing, giggling and dancing.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yep! She busted her sweet chin wide open on Friday afternoon!


When we first moved to Missouri we were greatly concerned about who would watch our kids because no one other than family ever watched them. We prayed for the Lord to give us someone who we could trust and someone who loves the Lord. The Lord faithfully provided Ashlie! She loves the Lord and loves our kids. What a blessing she is to our entire family!

The S.E.M.O Fair

Lizzie had her first field trip this past week to the S.E.M.O. State Fair! And what a fun morning it was! They was lots to see and do. Lizzie was thrilled to see and pet a snake, pigs, goats, cows, horses...and the list goes on! Phoebe and I went to help and we had a great time too!

The Big Parade!

Oh my! We greatly enjoyed the parade and got way too much candy!

Sunday School

Cliff and I have the privilege of serving as teachers in the 2 yr. old Sunday School classroom once a month. We usually have 10-12 kids join us. We greatly enjoy the children and all the joys and challenges that go with it! Our hope and prayer is to plant seeds in these precious lives that they may come to know Jesus!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Lone Star State

Well, it had been 6years since we had seen Wade and Kimberly and about 8 years since we had seen Ashley and Jeremy. So, we decided to take a Road trip to Texas! We absolutely loved meeting all the kids! What a great crew they all have!!! We hope that we get to see everyone sooner than later!