Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a Party!

Our girls love movies nights. So, to make it a little more fun, we pitched a tent in the family room, made some popcorn, watched a movie and had a slumber party! Good times!

Let it Snow


When Mimi comes to town, the magic begins. The girls feels so loved by their Mimi. My mom spends her moments playing, creating, laughing, loving, teaching and caring for each of them. My mom loves the Lord wholeheartedly and it pours out of her life into loving and serving others around her...What a blessing she is to us and so many! We love you mom! And Thank you!


Cincinnati Christmas

We left for Cincinnati on the 26th of December. We had a lot of sickness during our week in Cincinnati but when we were healthly, we spent time with family and cousins. I praise the Lord for the gift of family! We truly love and treasure our moments.

Christmas Morning 2010

We stayed in Cape this year for Christmas and enjoyed celebrating together. We had some friends over on Christmas Eve and went to church that evening. On Christmas morning, we opened presents and taked about the birth of Jesus. We read the story of his birth and the girls acted it out...too cute! We enjoyed every moment!