Sunday, July 17, 2011


Our last night in Cincinnati we had a special night at Mimi's and Pawpaw's with the Haney crew. We swam, had a picnic, watched a movie and then lit 6 lanterns just like in the movie was awesome!

20 Years

Well, my girls and I finally got to meet baby Judah and baby Jack...cutiest and happiest little boys in the World! Truly.

Friends bring joy to your life. I am so thankful for the friends I have in these women and the joy they bring to my life. I love them all. We have been friends for over 2o years. Isn't that awesome! I met all of them in the 3rd grade and we have seen each other through many seasons of life and we will contine.

And... I am pumped that we are finally going to have a girl's weekend!!!

We missed you Susan and Jackson!


They are just too cute!

Growing up too fast...too fast!

Wow! This crazy crew of awesome kids are growing up too fast! I haven't seen most of the these kids since we moved here to Cape. I get together with the mom's most times I'm in Cincinnati but I haven't seen all the kids in too long! So, I just had to see them! And what a great group they are! I love them all!

I became friends with the mom's of these kids over 5 years ago. I love having them in my life. These women grow me in my walk with the Lord, in how I love my family and in how I love others. Yes, they are awesome!

We missed you Cath, Mia, Josey, Vera and Russel! See you next time we are in town.

Hanging at the Munson's

Here we are at the Munson's new house! We had a last minute pizza party. It is always good to spend time with family...I'm so thankful for my family.

Koch Family Reunion

It was good times at the Koch family Reunion! We greatly missed several of our first cousins: Carrie, Jon, Corbett, Kalle, Katie, Keaton, Andy, Livy, Eric and Scottie...really wished they were all there. There was a slip n' slide, tractor rides and lots of animals to pet. Who wouldn't enjoy that? My kids had a blast!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th of July

Fun, fun, fun! Great friends, good food and loud fireworks...who could ask for more fun? We love this entire crew!