Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cincinnati Gymnastics

If you follow gymnastics, you know Mary Lee Tracy. She is surrounded by my kids, my nieces and my nephew. Mary Lee was my gymnastics coach and my sister's coach too. She coached the Women's Gymnastics Team that won the gold in 1996 for the United States. She currently is training 4 girls who are on the U.S. national team made up of 12. These girls are hoping to be in the top 6 to make the 2012 Olympic Team.

Mary Lee has been a long time friend of our family. She invited the entire crew to come hang out for a few hours at the gym. The kids had a blast and we are planning on making it a yearly tradition. Thanks Mary Lee!!!

Christmas Morning

I always want to be teachable and willing to grow. I also hope my children desire that too. Anyway, most of our Christmas's in the past have been hectic and often not well pondered about the Lord's amazing gift of Jesus. This year, we really tried to change our focus and be intentional in our moments. We did the advent wreath, made art projects, read and acted out scripture in the hope of giving glory to the one who gave his life for us.

Christmas Card Pictures

It's always hard for us to get a Christmas card picture. And I'm quite certain that many have the same problem. It's hard to make everyone look..."Perfect"...well, we aren't and it shows. I'm so thankful to know the Lord who covers our imperfections.

Koch Family Craziness

Well, we have a constant blast! Can you tell? So thankful for my wonderful family!

Lizzie's 6th Birthday

Lizzie had a great birthday! She couldn't stop smiling and laughing. She was so excited to have some many wonderful friends to share her day with. The Gymnastics party was a hit!

Centenary Thanksgiving Feast

Oh, look at my sweet Chloe! She is growing up too fast. She had fun singing on stage and loved being next to her sweet friend Ramsey. The feast was a hit!

Magic House, November 2011

We got to go to the Magic house with the Bengtson crew and had a blast...of course!!! Love this family!!!

Halloween 2011

Halloween keeps getting more fun very year! Lizzie and Chloe loved it and Phoebe was just as excited as they were this year. We got way too much candy and enjoyed it all! We also got to visit with two of our neighborhood favorites, Miss Marilee and Mr. Pete. The girls love both of them and I'm so thankful that they love my girls.

Phoebe's 3rd Birthday!!!

Oh My Goodness!!! This wonderfully crazy child is 3!!! I can't believe it.

Girls Weekend!

These beautiful girls are my more than wonderful, oldest friends. We met up in Evansville, Indiana for a weekend and had a blast! We hope to go every year... I love you all!!!

p.s. Velvet forever ...ha!

First day of School Pictures 2011

Still can't believe that my Lizzie is in Kindergarten and Chloe is in Pre-K!


Oh my goodness, my girls love taking gymnastics! They go every Thursday for class. They have so much fun. They are also quickly learning that gymnastics is hard work and it requires being tough too.